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Unlocking the Secrets of Boat Unlisted Shares

Your search for unlocking the secrets of boAt unlisted shares ends here. Though Imagine Marketing Ltd., the parent company of boAt, started in 2014, its unlisted shares started trading only in January 2022. It is because of boAt announcing its decision to come with an IPO to expand its flourishing audio products and smartwatch business. The significant reason for this is that BoAt is planning to raise Rs. 2,000 crores from the public through the IPO. However, in the following months after filing DRHP with SEBI, the IPO did not hit the primary market. Hence, the unlisted boAt share price nosedived from Rs. 1,300 to 775. But with the company withdrawing the IPO and announcing raising funds from existing shareholders, its share went back to its Rs.1,300 level. 

So, unlock the many secrets of boAt’s unlisted share price after its IPO offer and its withdrawal to make a wise decision to buy them from a top online platform to make huge profits. 

What is the price of boAt unlisted shares?

Aman Gupta and Sameer Mehta started Imagine Marketing Ltd, the parent boat company, in 2014. 

Though boAt became the market leader in D2C or direct-to-customer sales of audio products like wired and wireless headphones along with increasing smartwatch business, it was not much traded in the grey market. But after announcing its ambitious IPO or initial public offering to raise Rs. 2,000 crores, its unlisted share price changed above Rs. 1,000 per share. However, with Imagine Marketing Ltd announcing its withdrawal of the IPO because of unfavourable market conditions in 2022,  the price came down to Rs. 750. But with the company raising its funds to over Rs. 500 crores from existing shareholders last year, 2023, has risen its unlisted share price to Rs. 1,300 again. And the other significant reason for it is the recent boAt announcement of coming with an IPO within 12 to 18 months. 

Is it worth buying an unlisted share?

 Imagine Marketing Ltd, boAt’s parent company, is the market leader in making high-quality and stylish wired and wireless headphones and spectacular smartwatches. Also, it makes superior-quality home audio, misfit trimmers, mobile accessories, wireless speakers and others. Hence, it has become the prominent D2C or direct-to-customer in the electronics industry in India. With the growing demand for its many high-quality products in India and worldwide, boAt needs additional funds to expand its business.   Raising its funds of around Rs. 500 crores from its existing shareholders made it possible in the last year to develop an IPO in the next year and a half. It is wise to invest in boAt shares until it can have risks like inviting in many others. 


The above facts will end your search to unlock the secrets of the boat’s unlisted share price to buy them to make considerable profits in the long term.
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